4.Global Sustainable tourism development and geomorphology: Agouliz Oasis, Morocco
Lhassan M’Barki, Mohamed Abioui, Mohammed Benssaou and Abdelkrim Ezaidi
The development of sustainable tourism in Morocco has not benefited much for the pre-Saharan oases of Tata, southeastern Morocco. The sustainable tourism has become an undeniable economic and social for many countries. Currently, Morocco is taking a number of strategies and programs to the involvement of the local population are needed for projects to achieve sustainability (e.g. Strategy of the sector of tourism: Vision 2020). Furthermore, beside its habitual tourism products, Morocco is necessary to increase new products in order to develop the tourism industry, for example geo-tourism and eco-tourism in oasis's areas. In fact, Agouliz is an attractive oasis that is endowed with cultural heritage and rich natural. However, data collected from the field were used to characterize the geomorphology, biodiversity and heritage in the Agouliz oasis, a qualitative approach is carried out to evaluate the geo-sites of the Agouliz oasis and to highlight its potentialities for the development of this alternative tourism. The purpose of this study was to emphasize the present tourism resources in the Agouliz oasis and the problems that hold back its development.