3.Diversity of Hemiptera Fauna of Bhoj Wetland and Surrounding Areas (Van Vihar National Park) Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh India
Kailash Chandra and Sandeep Kushwaha
The state of Madhya Pradesh was created in 1956, total covering about 14.5% of the total area of India. The elevation is largely 305 to 610 m. As per records total forest area is 308,245 km2 annual rainfall is 1800 mm and temperature is 22.50- 250C. Bhoj Wetlands, Bhopal, which is one of the 26 Ramsar sites that India has designated under the Ramsar Convention. Present study is devoted to the systematics of 42 Hemipteran species a under 13 families recorded from Bhoj Wetland and Van Vihar National sanctuary, Bhopal district of Madhya Pradesh, India.