1.Biodiversity and Anthropogenic Impact in Dobrogea, Romania - Case Study: Conacu – Negreşti Valley
Monica Axini and Fawaz Al-Azki
Conacu-Negreṣti Valley is located in the center of Cobadin Plateau, subunit of Negru Vodă Plateau, South Dobrogea, Romania. It landscape consists predominantly of Cretaceous and Sarmatian limestone, placed on a Precambrian background and covered by a thick blanket of 40 m of Quaternary loess. The valley is characterized by an extremely rich and diverse biodiversity with many rare and endemic species of wildlife Dobrogea and Romania, too. But, it is seriously threatened by the human factors. The paper is intended to be an overview of valley biodiversity, highlighting the serious problems due to the anthropogenic factor, too. The data represent the results of the research activities developed within the framework of our scientific and educational program on the Conacu- Negreṣti Valley from 2002 until now.