12.Contribution of vehicular traffic towards the particulate emission and its effects on human health
Parvaiz Ahmad Rather and Ashwani Wanganeo
Abstract: Particulate matter is small and medium solid and liquid particles which are present in the atmosphere. Vehicular traffic is one of the main contributors of particulate pollution in urban areas. The concentration of vehicular particulate pollution in atmosphere depends upon traffic intensity, time of the day, type of vehicles plying on roads and meteorology. The increase in particulate matter at alarming rate in Bhopal is a topic of measure concern. Congested roads, road side constructions and burning of fuel wood are contributing at high rates to the particulate matter. Both RSPM and SPM have risen to very high levels. Present study reveals that particulate matter during most of the months crossed the safe limits as per CPCB (2009). Current study was carried out at a busy crossing in old congested area of Bhopal township where there is close proximity of residential area besides heavy traffic load. People have been found to suffer from coughing, sneezing, phlegm, wheezing, breathlessness, irritation in eyes, heart problems, hypertension, skin allergy, head ache and nausea. Keywords: atmosphere, traffic, pollution