1.Danionid fishes of Dehradun (Uttarakhand)
Akhlaq Husain
Abstract: The present communication deals with updating the present taxonomic status of danionid fishes found in Doon Valley (Dehra Dun), besides their other features, distribution, conservation status and threats. These belong to 13 species under 8 genera, viz. Barilius Hamilton, 1822, Cabdio Hamilton, 1822, Danio Hamilton, 1822, Opsarius McClelland, 1838, Raiamas Jordan, 1919, Devario Heckel, 1843, Esomus Swainson, 1839 and Rasbora Bleeker, 1859. Some of which are interesting for their aesthetic value and trade in aquarium keeping. Keywords: Danionids of Dehra Dun.