Int. J. Glob. Sci. Res. Volume 10, Issue 2, October 2023 , ISSN (Online) : 2348-8344‏
1. A Study to Determine the Concentration of Lead and Chromium in Human Population of Pithampur industrial region.
Asfia Jawaid, Hitesh Sharma and Rekha Khanna
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.243]
2. Cost effective Filter Cake Buster in Bag-House
Parag Dalal
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.244]
3. Heavy Metal Contamination in Soil around a Gold Mining Site: A Case Study of Alaagba Community, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.
Lawrence Emmanuel Tolulade, John Osiroko Attah, Kehinde Damilare Taiwo, Kehinde Ige Ologbonjaye, Lateefat Abiola Jimoh, Mahama Musah, Pelumi Adeshina Oderinde,Taiwo Adeyemi Olutimehin and Uwazuruike Chiamaka Blessing
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.245]
4. Three newly recorded species join India’s testate (Protozoa: Amoebozoa) fauna
Bindu. L.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.246]
5. Behavioural thermoregulation in langur Monkeys in Puri District, Odisha
Bhatnagar P. S. and Mazumdar P. C.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.247]
6. Milk Adulteration – A Systematic Review
Mahzbeen Ansari and Mohd. Shamsul Haque
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.248]
7. Development, Education and the Construction of a better world
Sergio Quiroga
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.249]
8. Assessment of Malcofaunal diversity of Bilaspur district, Chatishgarh from the collection of National Zoological Collection of, Zoological Survey of India, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh
Pallabi Priyadarsini and Sandeep Kushwaha
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.250]
9. A Report of Zooplankton (Rotifera, Cladocera and Ostracoda) based on a collection from Puzhal Lake of Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, India.
Arunachalam, G., Mohan Raj. P., Hemanth Raj, Jayasree Thilak, Sakthivel, R. and Neethu K. P.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.251]
10. Effect of Salinity upon Biology of Copepoda and Cladocera in culture medium under lab conditions
Chandra Bhushan Tiwary
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.252]
11. Cheetah reintroduction in relation to SDGs
P. S. Bhatnagar
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.253]
12. Postural behavior of rhesus monkeys at high altitude (Shimla and low altitude area in Himachal Pradesh
Bhatnagar, P. S. and Mazumdar, P. C.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.254]
13. Physico-chemical quality of Burfi Blended with Pineapple Pulp (Ananas cosmos)
Nikhilesh Kumar Dubey, Manvendra Singh, Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar and Rajesh Kumar Pal
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.255]
14. A study of coccinellid (Insecta: Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) fauna of Karnataka (Uttar Kannada, Udipi and Mangalore Dakshin Kannada) Districts
P. S. Bhatnagar, Sandeep Kushwaha and Akhil Nair
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.256]
15. A study of Phyisco-chemical properties of probiotic cow milk kiwi fruit (Actinidia deliciosa) enriched functional curd
Kautuk Upadhyay Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Manoj Kumar, Manvendra Singh, Rajesh Kumar pal and Sidharth Singh
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v10.i2.2023.257]