Int. J. Glob. Sci. Res. Volume 6, Issue 1, April 2019 , ISSN (Online) : 2348-8344‏
1. A comparative study on quality of ground water resources of different rural areas of Ujjain
Vikas parmar and Madhubala Purohit
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.114]
2. Appraisal of rainwater characteristics in and around historical monuments of 16-18th century, Haryana, India
Amit Kumar Mishra and Anshumali
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.115]
3. Bio-efficacy of botanical extracts against Carnation Mottle Virus in carnations
Shubhrjyotsna, S. V. Bhardwaj and Y. S. Parmar
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.116]
4. A study on the awareness of water conservation among students and their perception of water related risks in Kashmir
Afreen Niyaz,Naheed Vaida, and Bilal A. Bhat
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.117]
5. On the impact of Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus Peters, 1852) on the Icthyodiversity: A Review
Yati Sood, Prahlad Dube, Jyoti Sharma and Arjumand Quershi
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.118]
6. A report on the diversity of Zooplankton recorded from Chennai District of Tamil Nadu
J. Thilak.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.119]
7. Invasive alien species (IAS) Perillus bioculatus (Fabricius, 1765) Insecta: heteroptera: pentatomidae) with one colour morph first time reported from India
Kailash Chandra, Rita Bhandari and Sandeep Kushwaha
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.120]
8. First report of Lygaeid bugs (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae) as a potential pollinator of little ironweed, Vernonia cinerea (L.) (Asteraceae)
M. E. Hassan, Paramita Mukherjee, Sandeep Kushwaha, Kailash Chandra, P. C. Saha, Rahul Mondal and Sonam Jahan.
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.121]
9. Light producing organs of fishes
Leena Lakhani
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.122]
10. Methomyl and lambdacyalothrininduced alterations in the protein content and recovery due to L-ascorbic acid in different tissues of the freshwater bivalve,Lamellidensmarginalis(lamarck).
Bhalla Resham
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.123]
11. Phytochemical study on Andrographis echioides
Jyoti Pandey, Vimal K. Saini and Shashi Tiwari and Wasim Raja
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.124]
12. Length – weight relationship and condition factor of Labeo rohita (Ham.) fish in Barnoo reservoir, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India
Praveen Ojha
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.125]
13. Environmental legislation: compliance in development activities
Ramesh Sharma
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.126]
14. Diversity of Phytoplanktons in Undasa Wetland with reference to indicator organisms
Pooja Jatwa and Sharad Shrivastava
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.127]
15. Role of NGO in Heritage Conservation & Natural Resource Management
Mangla Sood
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.128]
16. Assessing Groundwater Quality in a part of Reasi District, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Priya Kanwar and Pragya Khanna
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.129]
17. Groundwater quality assessment: Physico-chemical and statistical analysis of selected groundwater samples in district Samba, Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir, India
Pragya Khanna
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : DOI: 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.130]
18. Field evaluation and nutritional benefits of finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn.)
Manoj Kandel, Narayan Bhadhur Dhami, Nabaraj Subedi, Jiban Shrestha and Arjun Bastola
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : DOI: 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.131]
19. Effect of different genotypes, tillage methods and plant populations on dry matter, grain yield, stover yield and harvest index of hybrid maize
Surya Bahadur Thapa, Pratikshya Shrestha, Shrawan Kumar Sah, Tika Bahadur Karki, Jiban Shrestha, Krishna Aryaland and Bishnu Prasad Kandel
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : DOI: 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.132]
20. Role of Environmental Biomarkers in Ecotoxicology
Sonali Nigam and Sunita Singh
[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [DOI : DOI: 10.26540/ijgsr.v6.i1.2019.133]