3.In-vitro test for seed borne incidence of wheat genotypes to Bipolaris sorokiniana at Chitwan, Nepal
Aryal. L, Shrestha S. M., Bhandari D and Shrestha J.
A research was conducted in invitro to find out the variation in the incidence of seed borne of 20 different wheat genotypes to Bipolaris sorokiniana. Field experiment was carried out in Agronomy block of IAAS, Rampur, Chitwan in split plot design with three replications, considering 25 November as normal sowing and 15 December as late sowing dates. Seed borne incidence test was carried out before sowing and after harvest of the seeds in in-vitro in CRD design with four replications. Foliar blight and seed infection were highly positively correlated. RR-21, which had higher disease severity in both dates of sowing, had 32.5% seed infection on 25 November sowing and 41% on 15 December sowing. Aditya had less than 9% seed infection in both dates of sowing with low AUDPC value. From the experiment it is concluded that Aditya can be sown in late condition as it possess low AUDPC and low seed infection value. But RR-21 with high AUDPC value in normal and late sowing condition should not be suggested for any breeding program or cropping purpose because the infected seed harvested from highly severed genotype serves as a source of primary inoculums for the disease development.