2.Screening of some potato germplasms against plant and tuber damage caused by soil pests
Biplab Kahar, Pradip Mondal and Amitava Konar
The present field experiment was undertaken to work out the role of different potato germplasms against plant and tuber damage caused by soil pests, viz. cutworm, Agrotis ipsilon (Hufn.) (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) and mole cricket, Gryllotalpa africana P.de Beau. (Gryllotalpidae: Orthoptera) during rabi season from November to March in 2013-2014 and 2014- 2015, respectively at Adisaptagram Block Seed Farm, Hooghly, West Bengal. The plant emergence was varied from 81.33-95.33% irrespective of different potato germplasms. The per cent plant damage caused by cutworm and mole cricket together was also varied from one germplam to another. Maximum percentage of plant damage was recorded during early stages of crop-growth than later stage. The per cent plant (shoot) damage was found higher in K. Badshah, K. Chipsona-2, K. Jawahar, K. Sutlez and K. Sailaja while it was lower in K. Anand, K. Ashoka and K. Chipsona-1. Moderate to high percentage of plant damage was observed in K. Chandramukhi, K. Jyoti and K. Pukhraj, K. Anand, K. Badshah, K. Ashoka, K. Chipsona-2 and K. Sailaja showed greater percentage of cutworm damage and these germplasms are moderate to highly susceptible to the pest. K. Chipsona-1, K. Jyoti, K. Pukhraj were less susceptible or tolerant and K. Chandramukhi, K. Jawahar and K. Sutlej were moderately susceptible to the pest. Maximum mole cricket damage was found in K. Chipsona-2, K. Sutlez and K. Sailaja. Per cent yield of healthy tubers of potato was noted maximum in K. Jawahar while it was minimum in K. Chipsona-2. Total tuber yield (t/ha) of potato was recorded highest in K. Badshah (36.58- 43.92) while it was lowest in K. Pukhraj (22.08-22.12).