3.Mitochondrially targeted antioxidants prevents oxidative damage in brain
Deepali Jat
Glutamate induced mitochondrial impairments are associated with brain injury and neuronal cell degeneration. Therefore, targeting mitochondria with mitochondrially targeted antioxidants can be beneficial in preventing mitochondrial impairment in brain. In the present study we synthesized mitochondrially targeted antioxidant and observed the efficacy of antioxidant against glutamic acid induced neurotoxicity. The intra-peritoneal injections of glutamic acid for 14 days produced brain mitochondrial impairments reflected by increased in lipid peroxidation, protein carbonylation and decline in glutathione. Supplementations of mitochondrially targeted antioxidant prevent mitochondrial impairments. Mitochondrially targeted gallic acid was found more efficacious in preventing mitochondria from oxidative damage. In conclusion our studies showed that mitochondrially targeted antioxidant gallic acid can be used for preventing mitochondrial impairment in brain mitochondria against glutamic acid neurotoxicity.