1.Endemic, Relict And Endangered Species Of Mollusks In Dobrogea, Romania-Case Study: Conacu-Negresti Valley
Monica Axini and Fawaz Al-Azki
: Conacu-Negreşti Valley is located in the south-eastern part of Romania (southwest of Dobrogea), particularly in an area with excessive continental climate. The valley is characterized by a series of specific habitats, of which the most important are the dry steppe meadows, exposed limestone rocks and Conacu-Negreşti Lake. The biodiversity of the valley is very interesting, characterized by a number of rare, endemic and relict species, specific to Dobrogea Province. This paper presents the data concerning the gastropods diversity, identified in this area so far, focusing on endemic, relict and endangered species, and climate change that have succeeded in this geographical area. The data represent the results of the research activities developed within the framework of our scientific and educational program on the Conacu- Negreṣti Valley from 2002 until now (2016).