5.Avifaunal diversity of moharli lake near Chandrapur, Maharastra, India
Harney N.V.
There are numerous species of bird found in a wide variety of habitats all around the world. Birds are one of the most thriving groups of animals on the planet as they generally have their habitat to themselves. Birds are essential animal group of an ecosystem and maintain a trophic level. Therefore, detail study on avifauna and their ecology is important to protect them. The present investigation was carried out to document the avifauna in and around the Moharli lake located 25 km North to Chandrapur of Maharashtra State and the study is from January 2012 to December 2012 in which 95 species of birds were recorded of 13 different orders and 37 families during the study. Among the recorded species 48 were resident, 06 were resident migrant and one is resident migrant common.