1.Cytogenetic effects of bendiocarb, a carbamate insectide on Calotes versicolor assessed by chromosomal aberration assay
Anisha and Tumul Singh
The present work deals with the cytogenetic effects of a carbamate insecticide, bendiocarb on the males of garden lizard Calotes versicolor. Metaphase plates were prepared from the animals injected intraperitonealy (IP) with a daily dose of 8 mg/kg body weight (1/2 LD50) of bendiocarb after 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th days of treatment. The metaphase plates prepared from bone marrow cells of the lizard were observed for scoring the frequencies of chromosomal aberrations (CA). Our findings revealed structural aberrations in the form of gap, break, addition and deletion in treated lizards. Statistical analysis showed no significant change in CA frequency after 7 days. Significant increase in induction of CA frequencies in the form of gap was observed after 14th, day and for break, addition and deletion after 21st day of treatment. This study indicates that chronic exposure to bendiocarb for an extended period induces structural aberrations in the metaphase chromosomes in a time dependent manner at the tested dose in the reptilian model Calotes versicolor. Based on this work, it can be asserted that bendiocarb induces genotoxicity in male Calotes versicolor.