12.Effect of Triton X-100 on the persistence toxicity of Melathion
Amita Srivastava
Sorghum is considered the most prevalent and widely grown cereal in India. The attribute of being drought tolerant and adjustable to tropical climates makes it more significant and versatile than other cereals. Moreover, sorghum fulfills the demand of food supply by means of providing nutritional substances particularly plant based protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and fibre etc. However, the growth and development of sorghum is not accessible in the climatic conditions of India since numerous insect pests are found to destroy the crop in field as well as in storage conditions. Oxya velox is one of the severe insect pests of sorghum during farming conditions. It’s inappropriate feeding habits on leaf blades and shoots gradually damage the plant. Furthermore, during the peak season, the delicate stems of sorghum are also vulnerable to Oxya velox. This infestation can adversely harm the stems and leaves so that plants are not able to recover. In the last few decades, attempts have been made to protect the sorghum from the infestation of Oxya velox in a diverse manner. In this order, the promising method of management has been tested. This research paper stated the results of investigations which were carried out to determine the efficacy of the emulsion of Malathion and Triton X - 100 against grasshopper, Oxya velox. Keywords: Sorghum, infestation, pesticides