4.Hydrocephalic foetus and its per-vaginal delivery in a non-descript Jersey crossbred cow
Akhter Rasool, T. Sarath, Shiju Simon, R. Suresh Kumar, Keerthana Joshy and K. Krishnakumar
Hydrocepalus is defined as absolute increase in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) within the brain ventricular system, within meninges or both, thereby leading to the swelling of the cranium. This congenital, hereditary defect is reported occasionally in ewe, doe, mare and sow whilst it is rarely seen in cattle and buffalo. This communication describes a case of congenital hydrocephalus in foetus and per-vaginal delivery by mutation and forced traction without performing fetotomy or surgical intervention. Keywords: Hydrocephalus, congenital, foetus, per-vaginal delivery