7.Effect of drying methods on chemical composition of Costus speciosus (Koen.) Sm.
Neelu Singh and Beulah Rajkumar
The data has been gathered on chemical analysis i.e. diosgenin, starch, reducing sugar, protein and essential oil of Keokand rhizomes dried by different methods, in view of better quality of the produce and saving time with minimum input. The fresh rhizome contained 0.86% diosgenin, 31.43% starch, reducing sugar 22.24%, protein 20.17% and 0.83% essential oil. Diosgenin concentration i.e. 0.72% was recorded in sun-dried samples. Having temperature range between 400C to 440C, during the month of April. Significant variation (p<0.01) was observed within the different treatments. Oven drying at 400C resulted in 0.75% diosgenin content followed by 600C (0.71% and 800C (0.51%), respectively. Drying method had significant (p<0.01) effect on starch percentage with hot air drying giving the highest starch content (32.22%). Similarly, reducing sugar content (22.54%) was found to be increased as temperature increased in the oven drying at 800C.