2.Selenium protection against cadmium toxicity in gonadal axis of freshwater Indian catfish Clarias batrachus
Sunita Singh
Selenium is an essential micronutrient for human beings and fresh water animal. The Selenium is known to control the aquatic environment and protect injury to be animals. Protection of the aquatic environment by Selenium is an important function and has attracted the attention of scientists presently all over the world. The advancement of civilization has resulted in an increasing technological use of heavy metal in industries pollution by Cadmium is one of the most important health hazard all over the world. Cadmium present in the water bodies enter into the body of fishes by gills and general body surface and producing toxic effects. The present study was designed to investigate the acute effect of Cadmium in the testis of fish Clarias batrachus. In order to elucidate the effect of supplementation of selenium, on protective role against Cadmium toxicity was observed. The abnormalities were seen in the testis of Cadmium exposed fishes the seminiferous lobules exhibited marked degeneration of germinal, elements spermatids and spermatogonia. The cytoplasm displays vacuolization. Selenium supplemented group showed disappearance of vacuolization and reappearance of chromatin material. The result presented here indicate that Cadmium chloride is susceptible to testis of Clarias. Selenium produced significant positive influence of reproductive system. This reappearing mechanism strongly suggests in the protective mechanism of Selenium treatment against the acute Cadmium toxicity.