10.Status of tiger and its conservation efforts in Nepal: A review
Nabina Dhakal, Sami Shrestha and Jiban Shrestha
Abstract: Tiger (Panthera tigris) is one of the most endangered wildlife species in Nepal. Currently there are 235 tigers counted in Nepal. The areas of habitat of tigers have been extended from 4502.5 km2 (before 2010) to 6167.12 km2 (after 2018).Five national parks (Chitwan, Bardia, Banke, Shuklaphata and Parsa National Parks), four protection forest (Brandabhar, Khata, Baanta and Laljhadi Protection Forest) and one conservation area (Krishnasaar Conservation Area) are preserving tigers in Nepal. Tigers have been facing extinction due to poaching, loss of habitat from urbanization and deforestation, and depletion of prey species. The government of Nepal, law enforcement, NGOs, and local communities have made various initiatives to conserve tigers. In the paper, we have outlined the current status of tiger population, and its conservative efforts. This study may be useful tool to the scientific communities and ecologists to protect tigers from extinction. Keywords: Tiger, Panthera tigris, Conservation, Habitat, Poaching, Threats