5.Removal of Lead from Aqueous Solution Using Bagasse and Bagasse Fly Ash as Adsorbents
Shailesh Gupta
The main approach of this research is to use the concept of adsorption technology having low cost & high efficiency as adsorbent material. Using such cost-effective sorbent materials may reduce the overall environmental compliances. This research focuses on the efficiency and comparative study of utilization of bagasse and bagasse fly ash as adsorbent for removal of lead. Batch-scale adsorption experiments were performed as a function of adsorbent dose, contact time, initial concentration and pH to establish optimum conditions for remediation of lead. Adsorption isotherm tests revealed that the Freundlich equation fitted the isotherm data better than the Langmuir. Bagasse fly ash was more favorable than bagasse in removing lead and thus was a better adsorbent. Keywords: Bagasse, Bagasse fly ash, Lead, Adsorption, Isotherms