4.Climate Change Impact Studies on Rainfall Patterns for Past and Present Century - A Case Study
O. P. Sahu, Pitambra Sahu and Pradeep K. Jain
Abstract: In the twentieth century many recent studies show changes in rainfall patterns of India as well as changes in weather conditions. These are due to global climate changes, decrease in rainfall duration and rainfall amount and increase in rainfall intensity. In the present paper an attempt has been made to describe Climate change impact studies on rainfall patterns for the past and present century (1901 to 2013) of Sagar region. The rainfall data for a period from 1901 to 2013 have been collected from the District Land Record Department of Sagar and Indian Meteorological Department, New Delhi. The results of 113 years old historical rainfall records of Sagar region have been computed by statistical and time series analysis techniques. Results are also discussed for the future climate change scenario in rainfall patterns of the study area. Keywords: Climate Change, Rainfall Pattern, Statistical Parameter and Time Series Analysis