3.Occurrence of common trinket snake Coeloganthus helena helena (Daudin, 1803) (Colubridae: Colubrinae) in residential area, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India
Akhlaq Husain, Ashwani Kumar Dubey and Gurprit Singh
The present communication deals with the occurrence of Common Trinket Snake Coelognathus helena helena (Daudin, 1803) belonging to family Colubridae in Sirmor residential area of western Dehra Dun city and its systematic account, distribution, habitat, food & feeding, breeding, behaviour and conservation status. It is beautifully coloured non-venomous constrictor snake, brownish with black cross bars lodged with white ocelli on anterior part, two longitudinal blackish stripes on sides of posterior part, two parallel black stripes on neck, a black streak each below and behind eye and whitish below. Keywords: Common Trinket snake in Dehra Dun city.