1.Study on physico-chemical and heavy metal analysis of water in Umrar Dam on Umrar River in Umaria district, Shahdol division in central India
Vandana Ram
This Paper deals with the Physico-chemical Parameters and heavy metal analysis of Umrar dam in Umaria district, Madhyapradesh. Monthly Changes in Physical and Chemical Parameters Such as Water Temperature, Turbidity, Total Dissolved Solids, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Free Carbon dioxide and Total Hardness, Chlorides, Alkalinity, Phosphate and Nitrates were analyzed for a period of one year from 2016 to 2017 simultaneously, heavy metal analysis also done in three seasons (summer, Rainy and winter) of the year. All Parameters were within the permissible limits but result related to heavy metals are not satisfactory. Copper is not found in dam water whereas Copper (Cu) is one of the metal, which are essential to human health as well as aquatic life and the concentrations of Fe, Hg and Pb are higher than prescribed limits of WHO and Indian Standard which is responsible for many health hazards related to polluted water. So, the results indicate that the Dam is polluted and cannot be used for Domestic, Irrigation and Fisheries without treatment. Keywords: Umrar Dam, Heavy metals; Physico-Chemical Parameters, Pollution, Health hazards, Fisheries, Irrigation.