9.Qualitative and Quantitative description of phenols and flavonoids in the different extracts of Oxalis corniculata Linn.
Tasfi Shafi, Suchitra Banerjee and Zeenat Ayoub
This study is aimed to study the Qualitative and Quantitative content in the plant Oxalis corniculata Linn extracts of ethyl acetate and acetone Oxalis corniculata L plant is rich in antioxidants, edible leaves, sour in taste and is important to the Ayurveda medicine. Total phenolic content and total flavonoid content was estimated of the plant in the extracts of ethyl acetate and acetone. The phenolic content was estimated with Folin ciocalteu reagent and Gallic acid as standard. Flavonoid content was estimated by colorimetric method in Rutin with different concentrations. Total flavonoid and phenolic content of Oxalis corniculata extracts was observed by using the spectral analysis. The mean and standard deviation was calculated to both the extracts. The observations were recorded in the Tabular form and graphical form. The phenolic content and flavonoid content of both the extracts of ethyl acetate and acetone was calculated. Both the extracts showed the goodness of phenols and flavonoids. Acetone extract showed more goodness of phenols and flavonoids. Keywords: Antioxidants, phenols, flavonoids, extracts and Oxalis corniculata