8.Data on biogeography of gastropod species Chondrula tridens in Southern Dobrogea, Romania
Monica Axini and Fawaz Al-Azki
Cobadin Plateau (subunit of Negru Vodă Plateau, South Dobrogea) is located in the extreme south-eastern part of Romania. Its landscape consists of large and almost flat interfluves. There start a series of short valleys discharging into the Danube River. To the west, it is bordered by Oltina Plateau, taller and stronger fragmented by valleys of canyon type. To the east, the plateau is bordered by Black Sea. Karst phenomena (sinkholes and poles) are present below. The paper examines biogeographic point of view two populations of Chondrula tridens (Tree Tooth Bulin Snail) identified in Cobadin Plateau (South-East Dobrogea), in period 2009-2012. Specimens were taken from two areas geographically close (10 km distance between them), but ecologically different. Keywords: Chondrula sp. diversity, Oak forests, Conacu-Negreşti Valley, Cobadin Plateau, Dobrogea - Romania